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We believe that learning new skills and improving your current is essential to start or grow your businesses, get more interesting and well-paid jobs, or sign up new clients as a freelancer. It is also a much more interesting way to work as new skills give you an opportunity to try new things.

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You will learn skills and gain knowledge helping you to promote business with free tools as publications in media, traffic from search engines and building your personal brand.

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Natasha Tyulkina

Personal Shopper

I love this course! 😍 It is very important for me to know and see that Irina not only teaches and instructs "how to do" 👩, but also sincerely helps and participates in the design and development of their own project on their feet. It's just great that there are people who cheer for every student with all their hearts! 🤗

Lena Grabsky

Head of the NRW regional office at Die Sputniks e.V.

I'm taking this course in the first stream. I have to say, I've done a lot of courses and training online. I like the design and presentation of the material: you can read and listen (it's more convenient for me to listen to the lessons), feedback is fast and very high quality, do not distract the results and the rhythm of other participants - training takes place in an individual mode. I feel respect for everything I do and do not do. I appreciate the professional expertise in the origin and development of the project. With gratitude 🌷.

Arina Efremova

Producer at WEB Creator

I saw Irina's post about consultations to help small businesses because of the coronavirus and I decided to ask for advice. We discussed questions on marketing areas which were unknown to me, mostly on promotion tools in social media and PR. After a small audit, it became easier to make accents on the work and we found some new insights that are worth working with. Thank you for the clear answers on the case and constructive answers! An excellent start to the work is provided 🙂

About Academy

Hi, I am Irina, the founder of the PR & SEO Academy. I created this platform as a place where you can learn and improve skills releated to PR and SEO. Pitch your story with confidence, get published on big media for free and gain high-quality links with confidence.

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